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mar shopping Algarve is pet friendly 

MAR Shopping Algarve is pet friendly and our four-legged friends are very welcome to our space!

We have a dog-sitting service - Woofland - where the bigeyes will be accompanied by a specialised team. In addition to having a dog sitting service - Woof Land, where they are accompanied by personalised staff under the wing of Sara Tails - our lovely doggy friends are also allowed to stroll inside the shopping center and to visit some of our pet friendly stores with you:

- A Loja do Gato Preto
- Alberto Oculista
- Aldo
- Arcádia
- Bershka
- Brutal Zapas
- C&A (only small and lap-carried dogs allowed)
- Casa
- Casio
- Chamaquito
- Deichmann
- Farmácia Silveira
- Foreva
- Mango
- Mr. Blue
- Natura
- Note
- Ornimundo
- Paco Martínez
- Pandora
- Parfois
- Primark
- Rituals
- Salsa
- Snipes (owners are responsible for any inconvenience)
- Swarovski
- The Barbers
- Tiger (small dogs must be carried on the lap)
- Tous (animals must be transported by leash or in a pet carrier)
- Viagens Abreu
- Worten (small dogs must be carried on the lap)
- Zara
- Zara Home


We can't wait to see you and your faithful friend at MAR Shopping Algarve! 🐾

GET TO KNOW Woofland by iron dog!