breast friends

Breast Friends

MAR Shopping Algarve marks the international month for the Prevention of Breast Cancer aiming to raise awareness in the community about this concerning issue.

From the 11th to the 28th of October, in partnership with MAR Shopping Algarve's HPA Clinic, you will be able to carry out a Prevention Mammography exam (without the presence of a radiologist). It does not replace any exam prescribed by a specialist physician or in an emergency context.

This exam, which will indicate suspected radiological signs of breast cancer, is intended for women and men aged 40 years or over and should be scheduled directly at HPA Clinic, by contacting 302 063 457 or via e-mail (

To take this exam, it is necessary to fulfil some requirements, so you should carefully read all the necessary conditions for eligibility below:

  1. Age 40 or over, completed by October 1st, 2021.

  2. Users with a family history of risk in 1st degree (mother or sister), aged 35 years or over.

  3. Asymptomatic users (no associated symptoms in the breast; for prevention only).

  4. Agree to the terms in effect in the HPA - MAR SHOPPING BREAST CANCER CAMPAIGN.

  5. Sign the mandatory Informed Consents.

  6. Scheduled on the day and time defined by the HPA Clinic at MAR Shopping

  7. Have not had breast cancer diagnosed or undergoing treatment after confirmation of a positive result for breast cancer.

  8. Have not had a screening or diagnostic mammography exam in the last year.

  9. Have not had a mammography exam in the last year with a BI RADS 3 classification (with an indication to repeat the exam in 6 months). This exam is not a follow-up.

  10. Have not had breast reduction/mastopexy or augmentation surgery in the last 3 months.

  11. Have not had thyroid cancer in the last 5 years (or undergoing treatment).

  12. Are not undergoing radioteraphy treatments for another thoracic neoplasm (pulmonary, mediastinal, thymus, pleura, heart or skin neoplasm in the chest).

  13. Do not show traumatic signs in the breast, such as burns, bruises, or incised wounds

In addition to this preventive examination, MAR Shopping Algarve also hosts the photographic exhibition “Stop, see and feel” (in front of Mango on Floor 0), that will tell you the stories of 9 people who have been or are going through the disease.

This exhibition aims to alert society to the issue of breast cancer, a disease that does not choose age or gender and whose early detection is essential for a successful treatment.

Join us in the Pink October 🎀

Valid until 28 out 2021