dog puller 2020

New Year's Puller Trophy

Next Saturday (January 11th) MAR Shopping Algarve will host the 4th competition of the National Dog Puller Championship (2019/2020 season).

The "New Year's Puller Trophy" will take place at the -1 Parking Lot next to Woof Land by Tails Project at 11 am and will last until 5 pm.

Created in 2012, Dog Puller quickly spread around the world, reaching Portugal in 2017 as a new and enthusiastic dog sport that has captivated more and more practitioners across the country.

This is a new canine sport for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages, regardless of previous training experience.

Get to know the full details and conditions required to participate:


Registration: 11:00 - 11:45
Running's First Dog: 12:00
Jumping's First Dog: 14:00
Challenge First Dog: 16:00
Prize Delivery: 17:00

(Schedule may change slightly depending on the number of participants)

Entry Order:

Puller Running (for puppy, mini, maxi, drive, micro)
Puller Jumping (for puppy, mini, maxi, drive, micro)

DPP Competition Registration Cost:

Puller Running: €6 per dog
Puller Jumping: 6€ for dog
Running + Jumping: 10€ per dog

Entries must be made by the end of January 9th 2020, using the following form:

Payment for the registration must be made by bank transfer by the end of January 9th to the NIB on behalf of
"Xperiencedimension Lda".

NIB: PT50-0033-0000-45561292754-05

Subscribers should then send proof of payment to

No payment will be accepted on the day of the race (except for participants of the Puller workshop).