Acquisition and Use Terms Regulation of MAR Shopping Algarve Gift Vouchers

1 - MAR Shopping Algarve Gift Voucher, worth € 50.00 (fifty euros), € 20.00 (twenty euros), € 10.00 (ten euros) or € 5.00 (five euros), can be purchased in MAR Shopping Algarve.

2 - The Gift Vouchers values are limited to existing stocks at the time of purchase.

3 - The Gift Vouchers can be exchanged for goods or services in any of the Adhering Stores to this program, whose relationship can be consulted in or MAR Shopping Algarve Information Desk. The adhering stores presented on the site are the most current, and it may be changed at any time, according to the stores adherence.

4 - Expiration date

4.1 - The expiration date for using the Gift Voucher as payment is indicated in the back of the check. MAR Shopping Algarve, its Tenants or Ingka Centres Portugal, S.A. cannot be held responsible for expired Gift Vouchers, and will not consider any exchange or refund for the Gift Voucher value.

4.2 - It will not be accepted by MAR Shopping Algarve, its Tenants or Ingka Centres Portugal, S.A. Gift Vouchers with erasures on the dates. The date will be printed at the moment of sale and must remain perfectly legible without allowing any ambiguity or doubts in its understanding.

5 - The Gift Voucher cannot be converted into cash. The Gift Voucher bearer may use it, at one time, for the purchase of one or more products of its interest in a single adherent store of its choice. If the consumer owns several Gift Vouchers he or she is not obliged to use them all in the same adherent store.

6 - If the total price of the product(s) or service(s) chosen is higher than the Gift Voucher value, the difference must be paid by the bearer of the Gift Vouchers with any other means of payment accepted in the adherent store.

7 - If the price of product(s) or service(s) is lower than the Gift Voucher face, the Tenants or MAR Shopping Algarve will not return, in any form, the difference.

8 - The Gift Voucher can be used for any purchases (unless due to any exception and when clearly announced by the Adherent Store), including promotions, being considered as a means of payment in cash.

9 - MAR Shopping Algarve, its tenants or Ingka Centres Portugal, S.A. are not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced Gift Vouchers.

10 - MAR Shopping Algarve and Ingka Centres Portugal, S.A. reserves the right to suspend the sale of Gift Voucher at any time, respecting, however, the expiration date for the use of Gift Vouchers already acquired.

11 - MAR Shopping Algarve Gift Vouchers only can be purchased with debit and/or credit card.

12 - The Gift Vouchers sold//purchased at MAR Shopping Algarve, may only be used at MAR Shopping Algarve (adherent stores).

13 - It will be not possible to use at MAR Shopping Algarve Gift Vouchers from other Shopping Centres.