HPA Saude


Part of The HPA Health Group, the HPA Healthcare Center at MAR Shopping Algarve keeps the same ethical principles that have built the reputation of this group in general and specialized healthcare. With HPA, you know you can trust the professionals that make up this team with a personalized and efficient approach.

Working Hours
·       Opening time at 10am every day
·       Closing time at 9pm every day
Medical Specialties and complementary diagnosis means available:
·       Clinical Analyses
·       Sports Medicine
·       General Practice
·       Psychology
·       General Surgery
·       Cosmetic Surgery
·       Nutrition
·       Rheumatology
·       Osteopathy
·       Paediatrics
·       Aesthetics
·       Nephrology
·       Internal Medicine
·       Diabetology
·       Orthopaedics
·       Podology
·       Dermatology
·       Neurosurgery
·       Neurology
·       Speech Therapy
·       Psychiatry
·       Cardiology
·       Otolaryngology
·       Acupuncture


·       SNS, for Imaging and Clinical Pathology
·       Portuguese Insurance Companies (Medis, Multicare, Allianz, Advancecare, Servimed RNA, SaudePrime Futurehealthcare e Vitoria)
·       Public Entities (ADM, ADSE, SAD PSP, SAD GNR)
·       Other Entities (CGD, Sams Quadros)
·       Accidents at Work Insurance: Mapfre, Ageas - Axa, Tranquilidade, Generali, Trust Açoreana, Trust Vitória, Trust Zurich, Madialcare, Ocidental Seguros, RNA Sinistro, Interprev and Santander Totta.


Participating in:

IKEA Family card benefits



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