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In partnership With Centros Qualifica of ASMAL, the Secondary School of Loulé, IEFP and IKEA, MAR Shopping Algarve launched JOB Project.

Interested parties will be able to schedule, for free and with accredited technicians, a personal and individual advise session, and identify certified training offers and methods that develop skills for greater integration and/or adaptation to the labor market. The scheduling can be made through the following contacts: ASMAL – Centro Qualifica and Escola Secundária de Loulé – Centro Qualifica.


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Eyes bigger than your tummy?

At the shopping center's food court we provide free take-away boxes for our customers near cinemas NOS.

The objective of this sustainability initiative is thus to reduce food waste, giving our customers the chance to take back home any leftovers from their meals purchased in the food court. The boxes provided are prepared for placing food (resistant to oils and grease) and are biodegradable and recyclable. In addition to avoiding food waste, it was intended to use environmentally friendly materials.

take away boxes
despensa solidaria


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Let's fill up the pantry for those who need it most? ✨

This initiative aimed at create awareness for the contribution of non-perishable food products and other essential items to several needy families in the Algarve. These products (with a minimum expiration date of 6 months) are delivered to the Solidarity Pantry (Floor 0, near Pingo Doce) and MAR Shopping Algarve took care of sending the donations to the pantries of several families.

Donations are reverted to families supported by the following institutions:

Refood Almancil
Animal Rescue Algarve
Cruz Vermelha


Prevent it like a Gentleman

In partnership with HPA Clinic, MAR Shopping Algarve creates, annually a traditional free prostate cancer screening campaign. Bookings are made directly at the HPA Clinic.

In addition to the free screening, we will also included several exhibitions throughout the initiative - Triumph Portugal, Rusty Wrench Motorcyles and Re-Cycle - that delighted the two-wheel fans! 🏍 

mar startup shopping


In collaboration with CRIA — Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer of the University of Algarve, we intended to enable the creation of a start-up within the scope of a Kiosk concept and contribute to the promotion of new talent and the stimulation of entrepreneurship:


In 2021, we were one of the partners of Centro Hospitalar da Universidade do Algarve and AEDMADA in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin.

In April, with the aim of raising awareness of this theme, in partnership with the ALFA association and Urban Sketchers Algarve, we hosted a photography and drawing exhibition, in which the ALFA association presented a set of 11 portraits of people connected to insulin in the Algarve region and Urban Sketchers Algarve presented a set of drawings of animals that also produce insulin, a hormone essential to all vertebrates.

In parallel, various activities took place throughout the month, promoted by ALFA and Urban Sketchers Algarve within the scope of this initiative.

exposicao insulina


This photographic project by Marcus Garcia aimed to give a face to professionals who have been fighting for months to save lives and pay homage to the spirit of sacrifice and dedication of all health professionals who invested their efforts in fulfilling their mission. There were 110 portraits of employees of the Hospital Centre of São João (CHUSJ) who were at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19, captured during last year's months of June to August.

Humanising and honouring these professionals, who almost lost their identity behind masks, protective suits, visors, glasses, gloves and caps, was the main purpose of the exhibition.


During the second half of July, MAR Shopping Algarve hosted 4 workshops to support the Eunices Project and hosted an action to raise donations, carried out by Mães do Mundo, an NGO whose purpose is to provide humanitarian aid and cooperation in Education in all countries of the world.
The project “Eunice Dolls for the World” aims to deliver around 6500 dolls to disadvantaged children in African countries. From the 17th to the 25th of July, the community was able to contribute to the production of these dolls by donating materials, such as fabrics, socks, wool and stuffing (drakalon) next to the Information Desk, on Floor 0.
maes do mundo



We promoted a campaign to donate items and equipment in favor of the Housing First and Shared Apartments project carried out by Associação G.A.T.O.

The solidarity box was located next to the Information Desk, at the main entrance and all the necessary goods could be found at the Information Desk. Small gestures make the biggest difference! ❤️



On March 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2022, Ingka Centers Portugal, owner of the Meeting Places MAR Shopping Algarve and MAR Shopping Matosinhos, organized the first edition of the webinar “Employment 360º”, which aimed to enhance digital contact between employers, trainers, potential stakeholders and create networking, which would materialize into real opportunities for progressive evolution at work.

The event, free and open to the general public, aimed to present and publicise employment and training opportunities in Meeting Places, IKEA stores and other entities, with equity and inclusion as main concerns.

Know more here.

webinar job 360
breast friends



Breast Friends

MAR Shopping Algarve marks the international month for the Prevention of Breast Cancer aiming to raise awareness in the community about this concerning issue.

In partnership with MAR Shopping Algarve's HPA Clinic, we provided the opportunity to book a prevention mammography exam in order to communicate the urgency to run an early diagnostic.



Because Christmas is for everyone, in 2021 MAR Shopping Algarve was once again promoting a solidary action that united solidarity and sustainability. ♻️

We all have those items of clothing or shoes that haven't come out of the closet for months or years. The challenge was to make a selection of the garments people no longer wore and deposit them in our solidarity "box" or by the solidarity store next to the Christmas Village.

In this way, extending the lifespan of clothing, we also contribute to a more sustainable world.

Roupeiro Solidario
ARA adoption campaign 2021


MAR Shopping Algarve boosts adoption campaigns promoted by Animal Rescue Algarve - ARA 🐾

With this action we give the opportunity to meet a new friend for life and inform people about how they can support ARA and the animal cause in Portugal.

Over the past few years, MAR Shopping Algarve has marked Animal Day with various initiatives to support associations, promoting adoption and raising awareness of the problem of abandonment. At MAR Shopping Algarve, all animals are always welcome, being able to circulate in the common spaces (except the Catering Space) and in some of the participating stores.



During the holiday season, we encouraged everyone to help those who needed it most.

The initiative to support Refood Almancil aimed to help needy families in the region with the contribution of everyone who passed through the shopping center. Contributions could be deposited in the solidary fund near Pingo Doce.

Together, we made Christmas a happier time.


xmas refood