Woof Land



In partnership with Woof Land Tails Project, MAR Shopping Algarve aims to take the concept of a pet-friendly shopping mall even further by creating a pet-sitting area for our dear doggy friends! 🐾

At Woof Land, your four-legged friend will be able to have fun like never before while you take a walk and relax at MAR Shopping Algarve! Don’t forget to consult all the rules about the woof land area and the pricing on this page so you can know all that you need to take your friend to the next challenge.

In case you have any doubts, get in touch with us through Instagram, Facebook or send us a message via WhatsApp.

Consult the rules and the pricing list here:

Woof Land by Tails Project for Visitors Rules   

Woof Land by Tails Project School and A.T.L - Rules and Pricing List

February aCTIVITIES schedule

February 1st - Tricks and Tips Demonstration

On February 1st (Saturday) at 6 pm in front of Mango store, Ginja Maria - one of the elements of "Ginja Maria e Matilha", will make a demonstration of tricks along with the Woof Land school hostess, Sara Tails!

For 30 minutes, participants will be able to appreciate and learn some simple tricks for free and benefit from tips that they can replicate with their big-time friends at home. 🐾

February 9th - Socialisation Workshop 

Does your dog spend a lot of time at home and too little playing with his fellow friends?

On February 9th (Sunday) at 6 pm, come to Woof Land and participate in the Socialisation Workshop. This workshop aims to facilitate a friendly interaction in a safe environment between all the dogs in order to make them happier. Because they deserve it, don't they?


This workshop takes place at Woof Land and costs 10€. 


Registration must be made via email: info@tailsproject.com

February 23rd - Workshop Games and Mental Stimulation

For those who have dogs and work, it is sometimes difficult to spend time with our four-legged buddies, who spend most of their time at home, bored and mentally unstimulated.

Having this in mind, on February 23rd (Sunday) at 6 pm, Woof Land will host the Games and Mental Stimulation Workshop, in order to encourage, through various games and activities, the thinking heads of your doggy friends.


This workshop takes place at Woof Land and costs 25€. 


Registration must be made via email: info@tailsproject.com

From February 29th to March 1st -  ARA Animal Rescue Algarve Adoption Campaign

Are you looking for that one special friend?

Woof Land, in partnership with ARA - Animal Rescue Algarve, will carry out an adoption campaign in the next February 29th and March 1st at MAR Shopping Algarve.

This initiative aims to raise awareness about the pets abandonment issue and promote animal adoption.

Come and meet the amazing and fluffy ARA friends and, who knows, discover a friend of a lifetime!


See you there? 🐶