“Kiko aims at creating unique, sublime and unforgettable moments”, that become eternal, hence our slogan: “Kiko, creating eternal moments…”

Kiko Ouriversarias intends to make a difference in its market.

Besides providing a service of excellency allowing its clients to purchase jewellery that combines design, value and price and enable the acquisition of jewels (gold, silver and diamonds) and watches of international known brands that appeal to the concept of taste, subtlety and lavishness, Kiko also creates exclusive products that make it stand out in the market. Thus Kiko becomes unique and a trend maker, which gives it competitive advantage and allows it to take on a positioning as trend creator, rather than being a simple follower.

However, to create eternal moments it is also necessary to add something crucial to the service and the jewellery pieces: emotions. That is Kiko’s commitment: generate and help generating beautiful and valuable emotions through its pieces that create unique, sublime, unforgettable and truly eternal moments.

Av. Dr. Óscar Lopes
Store 0.39
Leça da Palmeira
4450 Matosinhos

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