Mike Davis

MIKE DAVIS is a Portuguese brand with a casual sport positioning. Producing men's and women's clothes with elegant silhouettes, associated with quality materials, is distinguished by the made in Portugal, from the design, to the design, to the final product. With more than 40 years of existence it maintains a set of values associated with quality and sporty elegance. The first years were marked by a great connection to sports such as tennis, windsurfing, surfing, golf, sailing and horseball; sports that influenced the DNA of the brand and that allowed to accumulate the energy well patent in the collections that today produces as well as in all the communication. MIKE DAVIS has a strong presence in Portugal through a network of single-brand stores and the presence in several multi-brand sales outlets at national and international level (Spain and Poland).


Av. Dr. Óscar Lopes
Store 1.13
Leça da Palmeira
4450 Matosinhos

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