Innovation, creation and perfection are the pillars of Swarovski spirit, since 1895, “Poetry of Precision”. Swarovski, worldwide leader in lapidated crystals, continues to show its determination in reinforcing the crystal power through its more than 1900 stores located around the world.

The more fashionable accessory collections live side by side with the most basic timeless ones in a unique space, where you can enjoy a multi-sensorial experience through the lustre of the crystal infinite brightness.

Grand necklaces, elegant earrings, set to shine for the 24 hours of the day, fashion accessories, interior decoration, presents and art work… Each season, the collections present innovative interpretations aiming at creating infinite beauty.


Av. Dr. Óscar Lopes
Store 0.114
Leça da Palmeira
4450 Matosinhos



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