prevent it like a gentleman 2019
mar de letras


prevent it like a gentleman 2019
Prevent it Like a Gentleman!

Once again, MAR Shopping Algarve will support the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride event as well as the campaign “Prevent it Like a Gentleman”.

On September 29th, the shopping center is the official stopping point for Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, the international solidarity event, whose aim is for generating public awareness regarding male health issues, such as the fight against prostate cancer and suicide prevention.

You can check the event’s schedule and activities here.

WhatsApp Service

Get to know our WhatsApp service!

This is the newest service that MAR Shopping Algarve has for you, where you can get more info about your favourite stores schedules, about the sales dates or even the events you don't want to miss. 
Now you can contact us via WhatsApp and ask any questions you may have about MAR Shopping Algarve!
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mar de letras

mar de letras
Welcome to MAR de Letras (Sea of Letters)! 

This is the new space of MAR Shopping Algarve, where you can relax and dedicate yourself to reading and sharing books, within the international concept of book sharing! Located on Floor 0, this space allows access to books (in Portuguese and foreign languages) and audiobooks, following the schedule of the mall.

Good readings, great sharing!
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MAR Shopping Algarve is pet-friendly!

The ones who follow us may know what this is about but for those of you just passing by we'll explain!

We know your fellow friends don't enjoy too much time at home and that's why we are inviting you to spend your day at MAR Shopping Algarve with your friends.

In the leisure park or in the common areas of the shopping centre, even in the food court, you are all invited.

Get to know how we celebrated World Dog Day!  


Join us and have fun with our activities for the little ones with Dominguinhos! And for those of you that love exercise we have our sessions of Healthy Days! 

Algarve chef experience

Algarve Chef Experience

Algarve Chef Experience Project was inaugurated on January of 2017, at MAR Shopping Algarve. 

The Investment form Ingka Centres to innovate the gastronomic diversity of the centre's food court guarantees the daily presence of four restaurants, created by the renowned chefs Leonel Pereira (Thais Brás), Louis Anjos (My Pastta), Guy Doré (G's Bistro) and José Domingos (Portuguese Lab).

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