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Cookie Policy

1. Who is responsible for the processing of personal data?

Ingka Centres Portugal, S.A., hereinafter “Ingka”, with headquarters at the "Mar Shopping" Shopping Center - Avenida Dr. Óscar Lopes 4450-337 Matosinhos, with NIF 507161025.

Data Protection Officer's Email: privacy.centres.pt@ingka.com

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your smartphone, tablet or computer ("device"), through a browser (such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge).

Cookies allow the website to recognize the device that is accessing the website, for a next visit, and in that sense allow you to provide a more personalized browsing experience (depending on the type of cookies that is used).

When we use the term cookies in this policy we refer to all files that collect information in this way.

On this website we use several cookies. For more information about the types of cookies, their purposes and respective retention periods please read this Cookie Policy in its entirety. If you want to know more about how we treat your personal data, please consult our Privacy Policy.

Depending on the type of cookies, your refusal to install them can lead to your browsing experience on the website suffering some difficulties or not allowing you to access all areas of the website.

The responsibility for cookies depends on the entity that manages it. Thus, we can consider the following types of cookies as to the entity that manages them:

  • First-party cookies: They are sent to your smartphone, tablet or computer by Ingka itself, the person responsible for the website.

  • Third-party cookies: They are sent to your smartphone, tablet or computer by entities other than Ingka.

Regarding the time during which cookies remain stored, they also vary:

  • Session cookies: They are collected and stored while you access our website, being automatically deleted when you close the page and navigation of our website (for example, displaying a list of purchased products).

  • Persistent cookies: These are those that remain stored on your device and that can be accessed for a period defined by the entities responsible for it, which can vary between a few minutes and a few years.

Below you can find information regarding the types of cookies we use, as well as the specific cookies we use, according to their function.

3. What cookies do we collect?

  • Necessary cookies: As the name suggests, these are cookies that are necessary for us to ensure your navigation and use of the website. In other words, the information collected through this type of cookies is related to the normal management of the website.

If you reject the installation of these cookies, the website may not work the way we would like it to work, or not work at all.

The cookies identified in the next points are no longer essential to access the website, but allow us to provide you with a better service when you access our website. We only collect these cookies if you consent to it, through our cookie banner. The cookie banner is the options window that appears in the lower left corner of the website when you access it and that allows you to select which cookies you want to accept or reject.

When you consent to a certain type of cookies, you agree to accept all cookies belonging to that type. You can withdraw your consent at any time through our cookie banner or by changing your browser settings, as we explain below.

  • Preference cookies: These are cookies that allow the website to memorize information that changes your behavior or appearance, such as your preferred language or the region you are in.

In this case we can say that cookies are used to help you when accessing our website more quickly and harmoniously, eliminating the need to enter the same information several times (such as your preferred language of access to the website).

It is important that you know that even if you provide your consent for the installation of cookies you can, at any time, deactivate part or all of them.

Indeed, you can at any time manage the consent provided for the installation of cookies, using for this purpose the “Cookie Settings” button present at the bottom (footer) of the website. Such action will lead to the cookie banner being accessible again where the following options will be presented: “Accept All”, “Reject All” or “Confirm my choices”. By clicking on “Cookie Settings” you can review all the website's cookies, as well as the consent you gave for them. If you want to change this consent, you can do so, in a discriminated way for each type of cookie, using the selector that allows changing the state of Cookies. At the end of your changes, you should click on the “Confirm my choices” button.

You can also remove the installed cookies at any time. In this sense, we note that all browsers allow the user to accept, refuse or delete cookies, namely by selecting the appropriate settings in the respective browser. You can consult the manual of your browser settings at the following links:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

4. Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel is used to collect event data from the website. We and Facebook Ireland are joint controllers on the event data collection for the purposes of creating and optimising advertising campaigns. Facebook will also process the data according to their privacy policy, for example to personalise content on their services. For these activities they act as independent controller. Facebook will handle all requests or questions you may have according to their privacy policy.

5. Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the cookies used by Ingka, the withdrawal of your consent, or the processing of your personal data, you can always contact us through privacy.centres.pt@ingka.com