Past event
May 4, 2024

Exchange Market

Refresh your wardrobe and promote sustainability at our Exchange Market. Share and reuse. Together we make a difference! ♻️

On the first Saturday of each month, the Mercado de Trocas takes place at MAR Shopping Algarve, an event that promotes sustainability through the exchange and reuse of garments.

The next Market will be on March 2nd from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. next to Padaria do Bairro, on Floor 0 🌳👘

Do you already know how it works? 🤔

➡️ You can bring up to 10 pieces to deliver to the market (clothes, shoes, accessories and books). It is very important that everything you deliver is in good condition, otherwise we will not be able to accept it. Clothes with holes, pills, missing buttons and the like will not be accepted.

➡️ Bring only clothes from the season we are currently in. At the entrance to the market, go to the check-in desk, the team of volunteers will check that the pieces are in good condition and give you a password with the same number of pieces.

➡️ There is a minimum donation of €1 that must be delivered at check-in.

➡️ Explore the market, take what you need. You can bring books to the market and bring clothes, or vice versa. When you're done, go to the check-out table, where the pieces you take will be counted and deducted from your Exchange Market password.

➡️ If you don't change all the pieces you took, don't worry! You will be given a password with the missing number so that you can use it in another Exchange Market (in any location!).

Be part of this event and contribute to a greener world. We count on you! 💚