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Jul 7 - Jul 19, 2024

Faces of Time Exhibition

Márcia Ferraz presents the exhibition "Faces of Time", from 7 to 19 July, in front of Padaria do Bairro.

Márcia Ferraz, born in 1982, has a degree in Design from the University of Beira
Interior University and a career dedicated to design for some years now, which she complements with a taste for and dedication to painting from a very young age. She stands out for her innovative approach and the fusion of different techniques in her creations.

Her work incorporates various elements but with a special dedication to the human face.
human face, he explores various techniques, usually accompanied by vibrant colours.
colours, but in some of his works he goes against this trend. Painting emerges as a form of expression, and because of her special taste for the arts that she shares with the public that follows her work.

Márcia Ferraz continues to challenge the boundaries of artistic expression, taking the public on a visual and emotional journey.