Past event
Apr 18 - Apr 19, 2023

Job 360º

The MAR Shopping Algarve is once again organizing the Emprego 360º initiative!

Employment 360º

MAR Shopping Algarve once again organizes the 360º Job initiative!

This initiative aims to enhance contact between employers, trainers and potential stakeholders, as well as create networking, with a view to realizing real opportunities for progressive evolution at work.

The event, free and open to the general public, will present more than 200 job and training opportunities.

In addition to job offers, the Emprego 360º initiative offers visitors a free diagnosis of training needs, individually and confidentially, as well as immediate access to information on free and certified training offers.

The program includes workshops aimed at helping candidates increase their chances of achieving the jobs they want, as well as actions aimed at increasing the professional qualification, level of self-esteem and confidence of job seekers.

Topics such as diversity, equity, inclusion, sustainability, health and well-being will also be addressed.