Baby Stroller Reservation

Comfortable and Practical Baby Strollers

At MAR Shopping Algarve, your comfort and that of your little ones are our priority. That's why we offer a baby stroller reservation service, allowing you to enjoy your visit while your baby comfortably explores with us.

We understand that shopping center visits can be tiring for the little ones. Our baby strollers provide a practical and comfortable solution, allowing your baby to rest while exploring with us. Recommended for children over 6 months old and weighing between 6 and 15 kg, we ensure their safety and convenience.

Pre-Reserve Now:
Before your visit, make a pre-reservation for the baby stroller to ensure the availability of this service. Fill out the online form here or get in touch via phone or email to ensure the stroller will be ready for you.

You can also request this service for free at our information desk on level 0.

Phone: 289 247 842 (Call for national landlines)