Charging stations

Electric Vehicle Charging at MAR Shopping Algarve

At MAR Shopping Algarve, we're dedicated to providing sustainable mobility solutions for our visitors. That's why we offer electric vehicle charging points on Level -1, providing a convenient and eco-friendly experience while you enjoy our facilities.

With a total of 10 charging points, including 8 specific for Tesla cars and 2 exclusive points for Porsche vehicles, we ensure that charging your electric vehicle is efficient and accessible.

Sustainable Charging Made Easy

Take a step towards green mobility while visiting MAR Shopping Algarve. With our 10 electric vehicle charging points on Level -1, we provide a convenient and effective way to keep your electric vehicle ready for the road.

Our 8 Tesla charging points and 2 exclusive Porsche points reflect our commitment to meeting the specific needs of electric vehicle drivers from different brands.

Regardless of your electric car, we offer a sustainable charging solution to keep you moving.

Enjoy the power of electric mobility while exploring all that MAR Shopping Algarve has to offer. Take a break to charge your vehicle while enjoying shopping, dining, and entertainment.