Information desk

Enhance Your Visit at MAR Shopping Algarve

Discover the Information Desk at MAR Shopping Algarve, located on level 0, next to the main entrance of the shopping center. This will be the essential resource to elevate your experience in our space.

Our specialized team is ready to guide you, providing up-to-date information about stores, services, and events. Make the most of your shopping experience with personalized assistance to optimize your journey.

Explore, shop, and enjoy, knowing that we have the answers and tips you need for a truly memorable experience.

Help Us Guide Your Experience!

Whether you're a frequent customer or visiting us for the first time, the Information Desk at MAR Shopping Algarve is the perfect partner for your shopping journey.

Our experienced team is ready to share local insights, personalized recommendations, and information about the latest offers.

From guidance on the best stores to tips about exciting events, we're here to ensure that every moment you spend in our shopping center is a rewarding experience filled with discoveries.