Keynest x Locky

KeyNest is a simple way to exchange your keys with friends, family and guests. This super-practical system uses a network of hundreds of lockers, offering a nearby place to store your keys safely (for emergencies, in case you lose one, or want to pass a key on to someone else).

It's the same as parcel delivery, where you send parcels and pick them up via an electronic locker. In the case of KeyNest, your keys will be stored in a secure Locky locker on level -1 (entrance to the IKEA store on level -1 of the covered parking lot) and your friends can only collect the key after entering a unique collection code on the locker screen. And it will be updated by email, so you know that the key has been collected!

Why is it the perfect option for exchanging keys?
It's secure (the system is anonymous, KeyNest never asks you for your property address)
They are available during MAR Shopping Algarve opening hours
You can pass on the collection code to friends or family so that they can collect the key themselves
It's inexpensive (from ‚ā¨4.95 excluding VAT per key collection)