Have you heard of Woofland by Iron Dog?

MAR Shopping Algarve wants to take the pet-friendly shopping center concept a step further by creating a pet-sitting area for our canine friends!
Now you can book a relaxing massage for your dog while you go shopping, take a group dog obedience class, take advantage of the doggy daycare service to stimulate your dog physically and mentally or even train as a dog trainer. All this in a completely renovated and rethought space, with new management, under the umbrella of the award-winning Iron Dog Algarve dog training school (www.irondog.pt).
The aim is to promote healthy practices and provide the highest level of well-being and balance for the animal, from the point of view of physical and mental health and energy expenditure.

Services available:

More appealing and dynamic doggy daycare
Wellness center to take care of body and soul
Store specializing in the sale of canine training materials
Theoretical and practical training in the animal field

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday | 10h00 - 18h00